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  • ENERGY SAVINGS Proven Electrical Energy Savings
  • Complete Facility Protection Highest Rated ETL / UL Approved Surge Protection
  • Equipment Longevity Fewer Repairs and Less Maintenance = Increased Production and a Better Bottom Line

Our Experience

Over 13 years of experience and innovation make GESPER one of the top rated combined surge protection and electric use reduction products available.

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  • Industries Served GESPER saves money for many industries
  • Dealer Opportunities Offer GESPER to your customers
  • 24/7 Savings Round-the-clock savings.

GESPER in the Caribbean

iStock 000019785990XSmallGESPER is making a difference in many Caribbean countries.  The high cost of electricity (triple the cost of electricity in the United States) is a big expense for business and homeowners. 

GESPER units are currently in use in:
Puerto Rico   -  Bahamas  -  British Virgin Islands  -  Jamaica  -  Mexico

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