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Our Company

Gesper Marketing, Inc. was founded on the premise that cheaper electricity could be achieved for all by use of our Gesper product. We have studied what not only Tesla, but other contributors to the modern day electrical distribution and use of electrical products have done. We continue to experiment in our Research and Development Department.

We developed the current Gesper Unit from this research and contributions from NASA engineers. Our unit typically delivers over a 10% savings in kWh for our customers. We are continuing research to develop new and better methods not only to save electricity, but to make the cost to the consumer affordable.

Electric rates continue to rise. These rates are directly affected by fossil fuel rates. We feel that this can be changed once we discover what was done in the past by Tesla, can be done again in the future for all citizens. Reduction of each customers consumption is paramount, not only for the customer, but for our continued work and success as well.

It was and is our vision for the future to have products that deliver to the consumer, lower electrical cost, lower cost to electrical companies by reducing the strain on the grid, and clean the environment by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the air that we breathe.

We will continue to work toward this vision, helping customers to reduce the amount of electricity they use and the dollars they pay each month.