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Markets Served

gesper-savingsThe Gesper product is unique as we serve small and large clients. The Gesper system is designed to fit your particular application.

We have installed units on small water wells to very large industrial waste water pumps.
The units are versatile as we can install on a home or small business, to very large industrial and commercial applications.

We design the system that will fit your need. It does not matter if it is one unit and booster for a home, to thousands of units on an industrial facility. We have an assessment done of your home, business or factory. We can then design a perfect Gesper system to fit your needs.

The common denominator for each application is the surge protection is in every unit, and the ability to reduce the amount of kWh used by the end user.
If you use electricity, you should be using the Gesper system!

All units are made in the USA in our factory in Lubbock, Texas.