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GESPER Installed in 3 Pennsylvania Hospitals

We are completing 3 hospitals in the state of Pennsylvania.  This has been a very complicated installation due to critical loads on many electrical panels, however we are pleased to announce preliminary results.

In August of 2012 prior to installation of any Gesper units one hospital electrical invoice was $17,200.00.  After most of the Gesper units were installed the August invoice in 2013 went down to $10,700.00.

Another smaller hospital had electrical bills of $6,360.00 in September of 2012.  Most Gesper units have been installed at this location and the bill for September of 2013 is down to $3,800.00.

We are still waiting on the billing for the 3rd hospital in this area but have heard that the results are very similar.  We do not have permission at this point to publish the names of the different hospitals.  We do have the above bills on file in our office. 

This is well over the 10% guarantee that our company offers.  This is very exciting news for us and the hospitals!

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