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Surge Protection

 The definition of surge protector is a device designed to protect electrical equipment from voltage spikes. The surge protector will discharge the unwanted or high voltage to ground. Surge Protection Device (SPD) or the older terminology, transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) are used to describe electrical devices installed (Type 4) in power distribution panels or in the case of a home, the main panel, for the sole purpose of guarding against electrical surges and spikes. In some cases the better units can protect from down line lightning strikes.

There are many units that claim to be ETL/UL rated surge protector, but upon closer examination they do not have this rating at all. They are rated as a motor controller or have some other type of rating other than the true rating for a surge protector. Their advertisements show that they are a surge protector but this is far from reality.

logo-etl-ul-3The Gesper unit has been tested and approved by ETL/UL as a SPD Type 4.
We are very proud of this rating as very few products have been certified at this standard. The Gesper unit carries a full $2,000,000.00 product liability insurance policy. Our units also carry a full 10 year replacement warranty. The Gesper unit guarantees no damage to equipment due to a surge or down line lightning strikes. We have full report from ETL on this website.