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What is the GESPER?

Green Energy Surge Protection & Energy Reducer unit(s) (GESPER) work to provide electric current optimization. Electricity as it moves from the power company to the customer's meter looses' the properties of the original power supply.

The electric companies utilize much of the same technology as found in the GESPER to try to correct the energy between the power station and its customers. However, by the time the electric power is received at your meter, the circuit is typically not "optimal". The use of this power can cause motors to overheat, lights to fail due to unstable voltage, and equipment to be damaged. This is why most computers and electronics are protected by a surge protectors. Very high end audio electronics typically also have very expensive power conditioning units to stabilize the electricity and prevent surges.

The GESPER; through the utilization of a combination of thermal metal oxide varistors, capacitors, and proprietary knowledge; work to become a whole building power conditioner. This unit has also been tested as a very highly rated surge protector (ETL Tested UL 1449 3rd Edition SPD, ETL Tested VPR Rated 1200 Volts 100KA RMS SCCR Rating), Power Factor optimizer, and harmonic filter. GESPER units are installed on the main panels and sub-panels as well as "boosters" that are installed on motor components, such as AC units or large motors.

The net effect of the GESPER units save the user between 10% to 42% of total kilowatt usage because of less energy demand by the motors. Appliances use less power and last longer as the motors are not being overheated and are protected from surges. Most users on average find that the GESPER will save about 19% of kilowatt usage. GESPER units are guaranteed to save at least 10% in kilowatt usage, as measured by the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Simply put the GESPER or Green Energy Surge Protection and Energy Reducer is an innovative new invention that protects your whole electrical system while saving you a Guaranteed 10% kWh reduction on your electric bill.

Gesper Marketing Inc, is the World Wide Distributor for the GESPER series of energy saving electrical products. We are helping to save the environment one house or business at a time. We are doing this with a new invention that combines several proven electrical technologies into one unit, which is designed to reduce the amount of electricity that is consumed.


GESPER: a combined full facility power conditioning and surge protection system

  • GESPER combines specially configured Metal Oxide Varistor boards (MOVs) and custom built capacitors to produce a single device that is a tested UL 1449 3rd Edition SPD, Power Factor Harmonizer, and Harmonics Filter
  • GESPER has been manufacturing and refining its surge protection and power quality optimizing units for over 10 years
  • GESPER units have a 10 year warranty


GESPER History

Green Energy Surge Protection & Energy Reducer (GESPER) units were first manufactured and installed commercially in 1992, and have a track record of protecting residential, industrial, and commercial properties from power surges and the effects of down line lightning strikes in the vicinity of the properties.

Documented kilowatt hours (kWh) saved have ranged from the guaranteed savings of 10% kWh to a savings of 42% kWh, with a median savings of 19% kWh.   These savings have been reflected on the electric bills of residences and businesses in many locations across the country.